About Frontier Missions Training

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the introductory program to Youth With A Mission. This 6-month course is a pre-requisite for any further training or service with YWAM.  In the first three months you will learn more about God and His world, taking time out to focus on His purposes for your life in missions. You’ll learn not only in the classroom but also from community living and through practical experience. The outreach phase focuses on applying what you learned in the classroom through an exhilarating cross-cultural experience.  You can attend a DTS in many locations around the world, and some have a focus that will help prepare you for working in a frontier missions environment.

Find out more about the DTS on the YWAM website or Contact us to find out more about FM-focused Discipleship Training Schools. 

YWAM Frontier Missions offers further training in how to live and work in a cross cultural setting and share the message of Christ in a way that is relevant and fruitful.  Our courses are led in many locations by experienced practitioners and connect widely with others who share our commitment to give you training that is immensely practical, preparing you to join an effective team focused on reaching the least reached –  including culture and language acquisition, how to make disciples, forming new fellowships, missions strategy, team relationships and raising and maintaining support.  Your trainers can also help you find long-term opportunities to work with existing teams, or connect you with regional leaders who will help you pioneer something new.

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YWAM Frontier Missions offers you a wide variety of training designed to equip you to be effective in sharing the blessings of God’s Kingdom among the unreached.

Training will include courses like:

  • Foundations in Intercultural Studies
  • School of Islamic Studies
  • School of Frontier Media
  • Foundations in Community Development
  • School of Hindu Studies
  • School of Pioneering and Leadership Development
  • Introduction to Ethnolinguistic and Cultural Studies
  • School of English and Cultural Orientation (for those who need English for missions)

Working in frontier missions already, but long to be more effective?  YWAM FM offers training in strategies that we have found to be extremely fruitful for seeing many people understand how to become disciples of Jesus.

Examples include:


Learn how to communicate a complete gospel message through telling Bible stories chronologically, contextually and in the community’s native tongue so they have relevance to the listening community and equip indigenous believers to pass on these stories.

Harvest Multiplication Training

This will train you to to know how to pioneer Disciple Making Movements among Unreached People Groups. You will connect with expert trainers and personalized coaching to make you more effective in your ministry.

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